How The SeaGreen Team Are Turning Your House Into A Beautiful Home

Buying a new house is a major commitment, but what is most important is turning that house into a home you can call your own and in which you feel comfortable. Everything about it, from the fixtures and fittings to those little features that make it stand out from the rest need to be at the level you expect, to guarantee your happiness lasts a lifetime.


At SeaGreen Greystones, the entire team has worked to make this a reality. From Keith the forklift operator who breaks the ground and transports materials to the site of this new development right to the top of the houses with Fran the roofer, and everybody in between, the team working on the SeaGreen houses are very proud to have turned this new build into the perfect home for you.

Keith has been working with SeaGreen for three years, but is still amazed by the coastal views offered by this perfect location by the sea, a sentiment shared by all of the team who have worked on this site to turn this exciting development into luxury, high-spec houses, especially Fran the roofer, who has enjoyed the fantastic views all summer.

Ray the Plumber has overseen the installation of the 3 ½ horse power water pump that looks after all of the plumbing in the SeaGreen houses at Greystones. The rain head shower in the en suite and a separate shower in the main bathroom, as well as all of the sinks throughout the house, all operate off this water pump to give outstanding water pressure at all times. There’s no noisy pipe rattling though, with this feature the quietest on the market.



Heat production from the heat pump is half the price of that from a conventional boiler, and a quarter of the cost of an immersion system, making it the most efficient way to produce hot water in your home, and meaning your energy bills stay extremely low as you enjoy all the comfort and benefits of a SeaGreen home.

You can read more about the benefits of these super-energy-efficient houses here.

Ray is also very impressed with the piping throughout the house, saying it is of a quality he has never seen before in Irish homes. A German manufactured multi-layer pipe, the fittings, he says, have a ten-year no leak guarantee. Other beautiful features in the bathroom of these homes include the wide shower doors and the soft-shut toilet seats that guarantee longevity.

Ken the carpenter, meanwhile, has been very impressed with the triple-glazed Velux balcony windows in all four-bedroom houses to date at SeaGreen. It’s top pivoted for easy opening and spacious head height, and when you open the bottom section it opens out to become a railed balcony so that you can enjoy being outside, even when you are inside. ‘Like having the benefits of a penthouse apartment, in your family home,’ he says. Perfect for summer days, and for enjoying the fresh sea air all year round.

John the electrician is particularly proud of the fuse board and electrical fittings, saying every part of his job involves using the highest-quality materials, from the chrome sockets to the LED bulbs to the solar panels and heating, ‘all top-spec’ as he says.



He too mentions how the high-spec energy efficiency that is central to all SeaGreen houses means energy bills are kept to a minimum, meaning you can be free to spend your hard-earned money on the things that matter most to you, and enjoying all that Greystones has to offer you and your family.

Fran the roofer has used high-quality tiles that he says will last not just a lifetime, but far beyond, and are both ventilated and insulated to the highest levels to give these houses a comfortable and easily maintained optimum temperature all-year round.



These high-quality specs, fixtures and fittings are the important foundations upon which each SeaGreen development is built, and with the on-site team working to give you direct access to contractors, you can be sure that you can turn your new house into the perfect home. You can also get some furnishing tips from interior designer Eily Roe, who is available on-site to meet you and give advice on how to perfect your home interiors.

Check out the video below to see just how beautiful these homes are, and what you can look forward to calling your own.


If you would like to secure one of the beautiful high-quality houses at SeaGreen, you can register your interest below:

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Enjoy An Easy & Comfortable Commute From Your Home At SeaGreen In Greystones

There are many key factors to consider when you are looking to buy that perfect home for your family, from energy efficiency to the level of specification you can enjoy. While the beautiful new houses for sale at SeaGreen in Greystones offers the highest-quality regarding each of these, another major factor in your decision to buy will be the location and ease with which you can commute to work and keep in touch with family and friends.


SeaGreen’s development of family homes in Greystones boasts a super location, situated as it is right beside the sea, overlooking the thriving yet cosy town, and with a stunning backdrop of the Dublin/Wicklow mountains, so it feels like a comfortable and tranquil spot to enjoy an enviable lifestyle. And yet it is so close to the places you need to get to, if you travel to work, want to pay a visit to your family, or want to meet up with friends.

If you work in one of the surrounding towns, or in Dublin city centre, you will be surprised by how close Greystones actually is to your workplace or to the city amenities you want to avail of. You can even see the UK on a clear day!

Greystones has a superb transport network. This means your commute to Dublin city centre is quick and easy, leaving you with ample opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones.

If you travel by DART, you will be able to avail of the fact that Greystones is the first (and last) stop on this coastal transport option, so you will be pretty much guaranteed a seat when you embark in the morning. That fantastic view all the way into the city is also something to enjoy on your 50-minute journey.


Intercity trains also serve Greystones, and will get you into work in the same amount of time.

Dublin Bus also serves Greystones well, with the 84 brining you to the city centre in under an hour, while if you prefer to mix it up, you can hop on the 184 bus to Bray DART station, and hop on the train from there.

If you need to get to the airport, or just enjoy a bus route to the city with fewer stops along the way, the Aircoach is a great option, with frequent journeys every day taking around an hour.

If you prefer travelling by car, Greystones is very well-served by the road network, with the N11 and M1 ensuring quick and easy access to the city centre within 45 minutes, Ballsbridge within half an hour, Dundrum Town Centre within 20 minutes, Sandyford Business Park within 22 minutes and The Park retail Centre within just 18 minutes.

The school run is also extremely comfortable, with several high-quality primary and secondary schools close by and those further afield easily reached by public transport.

Its proximity to the city means Greystones is a perfect place for Dubliners to consider moving to and finding the ideal home for a growing family. Loved ones are always going to be close by, and easily accessible by a number of transport options, so there will be no concerns about not seeing the people who matter most to you.



The same goes for expats considering a move home to Ireland who want to be close to family and the lifestyle they have become used to abroad, but also secure a home that offers the comfort and space to begin the next phase of their lives.

As for maintaining your social life, the quick journey time to the city and amenities such as Dundrum Town Centre mean you can keep up the lifestyle you wish, though you may very quickly see your family and friends visiting you a lot more in your scenic and comfortable new surroundings in Greystones.

The beautiful surroundings at Greystones offer a chance to take a step back from the hectic pace of Dublin city life while still being close enough to avail of everything it has to offer, so you can really enjoy the best of both worlds.

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The Benefits Of Buying A Super Energy-Efficient House At SeaGreen’s Upcoming Phase Of Development In Greystones

People look for many things when they are searching for the perfect place to buy a house. They want a good location, comfortable surroundings, space for their family to grow, good local amenities and facilities, and the ability to turn that house into a home tailored to their preferences. Increasingly, people are also looking for a high-quality energy-efficient house that represents good value, helps keep the environment clean and saves on future bills.


The SeaGreen development of houses for sale in Greystones delivers on all of these considerations. The perfect seaside location, an on-site team for tailored specs, luxury fittings and superb local amenities mean this is a great place to call home, whether you are buying a three-bedroom Portland, four-bedroom Bellevue or Wyndham, the five-bedroom Somerby, or one of the great new houses in our upcoming autumn 2017 phase of development.

This upcoming phase of development goes even further to deliver the perfect home for you. Each of these top-quality houses will be built to hold an A2 Building Energy Rating (BER).

A BER is based on the calculated energy performance and associated carbon dioxide emissions for the provision of space heating, ventilation, water heating and lighting under standardised operating conditions. The characteristics of the major components of the home including dimensions, orientation, insulation, and space and hot water system efficiencies are used in the calculation. SeaGreen’s upcoming high-spec phase of development will all carry an A2 rating.

This is the second highest energy-efficiency rating possible (only a few individual builds or specifically renovated homes in Ireland have an A1 rating), as is explained here by the Sustainable Energy Association of Ireland (SEAI). It means these exclusive houses will offer great value for those who buy them, and help you to avoid the new home costs you might otherwise face.

Apart from being kind to the environment with low carbon emissions and providing real sustainability to keep the Greystones area beautiful, that value comes in two ways.

Firstly, this new phase of development at SeaGreen will see each of the houses increase in value over time because of the BER rating it holds. Homes with a good BER rating are worth a lot more than those that have an inferior rating, and a study by the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) shows people are willing to spend up to 10% more to buy a house with high energy-efficiency because of the inherent values and cost-savings attached to them.

That is where the second aspect of added value comes in – cost savings. All of the SeaGreen houses use top-quality materials and technology to enhance sustainability, asBill Quigley from NuTech Renewables, who work with SeaGreen on this development, explains, and the upcoming A2-rated houses are built with the highest-quality roof and wall insulation, triple-glazed windows and top of the range energy-efficient fittings to minimise the costs of energy supply such as hot water and electricity, while maximising the benefits to you and your family.


A2-rated houses see energy bills costing a fraction of the costs other house owners face, with costs coming to just a third of those faced by even a B1-rated house, while emissions would also only be a third of those in B1-rated houses.

As explained by John the on-site electrician at SeaGreen, the state-of-the-art heating and electricity systems in these houses will see your energy bills kept to a minimum as you enjoy year-round comfort without the rising costs. Thermostatically controlled radiators will be heated by highly-efficient natural gas boilers, while a heat pump will use waste air to produce continuous hot water. Solar panels on these houses will also provide free electricity to heat water, while that top-quality insulation will keep the house warm when it’s cold, and cool when it is hot, as Fran the roofer shows here.

Having an extremely energy-efficient house also means you will be far ahead of current energy regulations, so you will have essentially future-proofed your home, meaning you can enjoy the benefits such a BER rating brings for many years to come.

Low energy bills, clean, green living, the added value of your home thanks to the best energy-efficiency rating, and the high-quality development in a beautiful location – the reasons to buy one of these superb upcoming SeaGreen houses for sale in Greystones just keep adding up. Register your interest in these homes here:

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How To Prepare Your Mortgage Application For A New Home At SeaGreen In Greystones

The beautiful new SeaGreen houses for sale in Greystones offer you the chance to realise your dreams of owning your own home in a perfect location. Whether you are interested in a three-bedroom Portland, four-bedroom Bellevue or Wyndham, or five-bedroom Somerby home, these top quality, high-spec and luxurious new builds provide spacious and comfortable living space for you and your growing family in an area that offers great transport links, the best educational facilities, a thriving local town, and of course, a great lifestyle with the mountains and the sea on your doorstep.


Whether you are looking to find that first home to start a family, or are considering returning to Ireland to settle down, the homes at SeaGreen represent outstanding value, and the Help To Buy Rebate on offer means now is a great time to get that mortgage and register your interest.

However, securing your mortgage can be a difficult process, so we want to make it easier, and ensure your application is as perfect as your new SeaGreen home will be.

Here’s what you need to know to make your mortgage application successful.

Register Your Interest In Your New Home

The Financial Health Check

In order to secure your mortgage, you will need to show the following in your application:

  • A secure income (€35,000 per year for single applicants and €60,000 for joint applicants)
  • A deposit of 10% of the purchase price up to €220,000 and 20% on the excess, though exceptions can be applied at the discretion of the lender
  • Proof you can make repayments allowing for a 2% increase in rates
  • Proof of financial prudence

The Mortgage Application Checklist

While every mortgage provider or lender has different criteria, the following are standard requirements you need to include in your application:

  • Proof of identity and proof of address – include your passport or driver’s licence and a utility bill from within the last three months
  • A completed salary certificate – you can get this from your employer to show proof of your annual earnings and regular income
  • An annual earnings statement (such as a P60) – again, your employer should be able to provide this
  • Three recent payslips or paid invoices – as well as providing proof of your regular income, this also shows that you are financially prudent and are capable of keeping accounts
  • Current account and saving account statements for the last 6 months – these statements will also show you are financially sound and capable of making repayments
  • Up to date statements on any existing loans for the last 12 months – lenders will need to know if you have any other repayment commitments that may affect your ability to pay your mortgage
  • Credit card statements for the last three to six months – another measure to show you are financially prudent and able to make regular and timely payments
  • As the SeaGreen houses are a new build, the Structural Guarantee Certificate would be required, and we are happy to provide this proof that all of our new homes are designed and built to the highest possible standards
  • If you are self-employed, you should provide a completed accountant’s report, detailed business accounts for the last two years, business account statements for the last six months, a summary statement of all assets and liabilities and balance statements from revenue


The Mortgage Deal

It is worth noting that as well as requiring different criteria for mortgage applications, each mortgage provider or lender will offer different mortgage types and it is advisable to investigate which one will best suit your needs. Buying a home is one of life’s biggest decisions, and you need to be sure you are with the right lender to help you make this decision.

Mortgages can come at fixed or variable rates, with each lender offering different rates to applicants, so again, it is advisable to look at the mortgage that will work for you.

The Helping Hand

Fixed rate, variable rate, two-year, five-year, capped rate, tracker, split rate – there are a lot of different mortgage deals on offer from many lenders, on top of which are cash-back and other incentives, so finding the best mortgage option for you can be overwhelming, which is why it may be advisable to seek help from an independent mortgage broker.

A broker will not only help you put together your application, they can also bring their industry knowledge and expertise into the equation, are more flexible to suit your working day, and can even secure a better deal for you than you might do on your own.

Now is the ideal time to secure your mortgage and realise your dream of owning your own home, and at SeaGreen, that perfect home is waiting for you.

Find out all you need to know about mortgages and how to successfully apply for one by downloading the SeaGreen Guide To Getting your Mortgage.

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The Benefits Of SeaGreen In Greystones For Expats Returning Home To Ireland

Irish people have a long history of emigration, setting up homes in other countries for a variety of reasons, but a considerable number of these people also plan to one day return home. Whether looking to start a family in familiar surroundings and with the support of relatives, to avail of the high quality of education for their children, or simply to give our children the chance to grow up in a safe and fulfilling environment, we more often than not retain a wish to come back to Ireland, and look for the right reason to return, and the right place to call home again.


SeaGreen in Greystones is an ideal reason to make that journey home again. With a beautiful setting beside the Irish sea in Greystones, it’s a perfect location for those commuting to Dublin city centre. Served by Dublin Bus, the DART, Rail and Intercity Buses, not to mention the superb roads system, the journey time from home to office is less than an hour, whichever form of transport you prefer to take.

Situated beside the Dublin/Wicklow mountains and surrounded by beautiful countryside in ‘the garden of Ireland’, the great outdoors is also just a stone’s throw away, offering a number of outdoor activities and leisure pursuits that will give you the enviable life you always wanted to come home for.

The sea is a big draw – we live on an island, after all – and the many water sport clubs in Greystones give a second-to-none chance to get back to a fun and thrilling lifestyle right on your doorstep.

When it comes to the family, you want to have room to grow and live in comfort, and each of the homes at SeaGreen are spacious and beautifully designed for comfortable living, while there are several primary and secondary-level schools offering a top-level education for children.

All in all, this exciting development has so many benefits that will ensure your decision to move home is the right choice for you and your family.

Built to the highest standards for energy efficiency and security, the three-bedroom Portland, four-bedroom Wyndham and Bellevue, and five-bedroom Somerby homes include top of the range and  innovative specifications that offer both luxury and practicality so you can enjoy a spacious and comfortable living space in this beautiful setting.

As Wood Group enable homebuyers to be in direct contact with the builders and contractors working on the site, the houses at SeaGreen can be tailored to an individual’s specifications  to enhance the many features that make these homes so sought-after.

spacious_comfortable_home_design_seagreen_greystones_wood_group.jpgMore and more expats are now returning to Ireland, with recent figures showing that for the first time, more people are returning to our shores than are leaving, so what do you need to know when considering buying a home at SeaGreen?

The price of housing is on the increase in the country, but SeaGreen homes offer tremendous value, while changes in the financing provided by lenders has made it much more affordable to buy a home than it has been in recent years.

These homes also help you to save money. The energy-efficient design with state of the art heating includes thermostatically controlled radiators heated by an A-rated natural gas boiler, with continuous hot water provided by a high-efficiency heat pump. Solar panels provide electricity and the triple-insulated windows and high-tech insulation keep the houses at the perfect temperature all-year round, keeping your bills very low while also helping you to keep the Irish environment green.

If a home at SeaGreen sounds good to you as a returning expat, there are some things to note, the first of which being that the amount of time spent living abroad can impact on how you source the funds needed. Another thing to note is that many Irish banks and lenders do require mortgage applicants to hold Irish citizenship.

If living abroad for some time you may need to supply bank statements and records and a foreign credit history to be considered for a mortgage in Ireland. You might also need to be assessed in your career prospects in Ireland, as even though you may have made a good living abroad, you might also have to show how that will translate to the Irish jobs market.

The introduction of the mandatory 20% deposit applies to expat buyers too, with some banks requiring even more than this, ranging up to 30% or even 40% of the value of the home.

However, it is worth considering how currency rates and property prices in the country you have been living in will affect your financial position. The weaker euro against the British pound and US dollar have made it an opportune time for many deciding to return, and now is a great time to consider buying at SeaGreen and enjoy great value.

The development is progressing at a fast rate, as you can see from our latest flyover video, and interest in purchasing a home at SeaGreen is very high, so register your interest below and you can look forward to returning to Ireland to a perfect new home in a perfect location!