Sustainability – built into every Wood Group home

Sustainability is a core ethos of Wood Group, from the design of the homes and the neighbourhoods we build to the way we run our business. When you buy a Wood Group home, you share in our commitment to environmental responsibility by enjoying a range of features we provide to reduce ecological impact.


Wood Group Homes boast very high energy conservation qualities, and all our newest homes achieve an A2 or A1 BER rating, to ensure a minimal carbon footprint and a significant reduction in running costs.


We fit all homes with high-performance, low maintenance windows. In our Seagreen development, we use NorDan N-Tech triple glazed timber windows, giving a market-leading thermal and acoustic performance with fully reversible, one handle operated tilt and turn sashes.


We use various space and water heating systems to achieve a low carbon impact, including heat pumps, gas-fired, solar enhanced heating, photovoltaic, and thermal solar panels. We include market-leading electronic controls and thermostatically controlled radiators.


We utilise high spec insulation and airtightness solutions, including blown fibre ‘Foam-Lok’ open-cell spray foam insulation in attics, to achieve very high thermal values while maximising space usage.


Purchasing a Wood Group sustainable home plays a part in protecting Ireland’s future. But it also benefits you in the present. Our buyers can expect savings of up to 70% on their hot water bill and up to 30% savings on their space heating bill, thanks to our integrated heating systems.



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