How Churchfields Set the Standard for Our Beautiful Energy-Efficient Houses at SeaGreen in Greystones

As we look forward to presenting the next phase of superb, high-quality houses at SeaGreen in Greystones to our home buyers in spring 2018, we are also proud to look back on our other very successful developments, and bring our experience of these projects to our latest high-quality homes.

We recently took a look back at the four-bed detached houses at Glendale in Delgany we brought to market in 2015, and we are equally proud to revisit the beautiful homes we built at Churchfields in 2010.


It’s hard to believe that these houses, also situated in Delgany, were first built almost 8 years ago, because they look brand new. The reason is that this development of 49 two- and three-bedroom houses, like our three-bed Portland, four-bed Wyndham and Bellevue, and five-bed Somerby houses at SeaGreen, were built to last.

Built with Victorian-style red brick to give a distinctive period style, the Churchfields homes were designed to provide modern functionality, but with a timeless feel, and included our trademark focus on sustainability and energy-efficiency combined with high-spec features.

All of the materials we used are reflective of this approach – solid wood, red brick and cut granite – while the same focus on energy-efficiency we provide at SeaGreen is also present. As now, back in 2010 we worked with NuTech Renewables to design houses with an A-rating for energy-efficiency, meaning home buyers could cut energy bills significantly, and help to reduce the carbon footprint in this perfect location.

As well as solar-enhanced heating systems, all of these houses come with solar panels, high-performance double-glazed windows, gas-fired central heating and a high-efficiency condensed boiler, low voltage recessed lighting throughout, and high-pressure pump-fed showers.


This means that the Churchfields houses are not just environmentally friendly, they are also designed to be superbly comfortable and functional, making for a perfect family home, just as SeaGreen carries the same benefits.

We have always prided ourselves on building family homes to the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship, and Churchfields maintains this meticulous attention to detail indicative of what was to come at SeaGreen, including features such as:

  • Solid pine French doors, solid timber architraves and skirting throughout
  • Spendlove-designed kitchens with Siemens appliances
  • Luxury wardrobes in all bedrooms
  • Television and telephone points
  • Granite top vanity area in main bathroom & WC
  • Wall-mounted mirror in main bathroom & downstairs WC
  • Folding steps to floored attic that provides substantial storage room
  • Off-street parking with cobble locked paving to front and rear of house
  • Private rear garden with post & rail fencing
  • External lights at front & back door and patio area with external socket and tap

These houses also come with our standard Homebond 10-year guarantee.


At all of our developments, we also place an emphasis not just on providing houses, but creating a chance to enjoy an enviable lifestyle in a great area for the whole family. The location of Churchfields means home buyers there can avail of superb transport links, making the commute to Dublin or the surrounding area easy, as well as a great range of top-quality schools and recreational facilities.

Not only that, Delgany, just like Greystones, is a beautiful setting, surrounded by mountains and close to the sea and all it has to offer.

Churchfields provides its home buyers with space not just to live, but to breathe and grow, and we are happy to say that this development has set a standard we are matching with our houses at SeaGreen. We are excited to be bringing these houses to you in spring 2018!

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Building For the Future With Efficient and Sustainable Living in the Comfort of a SeaGreen Home

As with all of our developments, the houses for sale at SeaGreen in Greystones have been built with a focus firmly on not just luxury and high-quality features, but on energy-efficiency and sustainability.


This sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, from the design of our houses and neighbourhoods, to our commitment to using only the best quality features that help reduce environmental impact, leaving the smallest carbon footprint while giving you big savings on running costs.

With an A2 energy rating, our three-bed Portland, four-bed Wyndham and Bellevue, and our five-bed Somerby homes are as energy-efficient as you can get in a modern development. Based on the feedback we have received from buyers, we know that people are looking for high-quality, energy-efficient houses that represent good value and savings on future bills, while helping to keep the environment clean.

That is why we aim to provide the same level of energy bill-saving quality to our latest phase, which will be ready in spring 2018.


Our houses are all built with the best quality materials, as Bill Quigley from NuTech Renewables, who work with us on this development, explains. Our dedicated team also works extremely hard to create comfortable homes with outstanding high-spec features that will last for generations, so you can enjoy living in this perfect location today, while being safe in the knowledge that they will be just as energy-efficient in the future.

To achieve this environmentally-friendly goal, we utilise efficient heating systems, including heat pumps, gas-fired and solar-enhanced heating, as well as photovoltaic heating panels that turn light into energy. As standard, all of the heating features are controlled by electronic and thermostatically controlled radiators, so the homes are always at an optimum and efficient temperature, no matter what time of the year it is.


Our high-spec insulation and high-performance triple-glazed windows ensure no energy or heat is lost and that any excess can be stored until it is needed, cutting down on waste and again, helping the environment.

This sense of future-proofing the houses at SeaGreen, and keeping this beautiful part of Ireland green, extends to our upcoming phase of development. These homes will also include new energy-saving features such as remote heating a nd lighting controls, and cabling for electric vehicles on every house as standard. Electric cars are becoming more popular and may soon be a common sight on our streets, which is good news for the environment, and we feel, a perfect fit with the green philosophy we bring to all of the houses we build.

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) offers grants to people who buy an electric car, so those who do so and who buy one of the houses in our latest development, will not only be environmentally sound, but will save on both home energy bills and on motor tax and running costs too – something to think about when making the easy commute to Dublin or the surrounding areas.

Apart from enjoying the great lifestyle you can avail of by living in this beautiful development in Greystones, the huge benefit of a SeaGreen house is that with its A2 energy rating, you will be far ahead of energy regulations, and can look forward to a comfortable and sustainable family life well into the future.

If you would like to register your interest in this latest phase of development at SeaGreen in Greystones, you can do so here:

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