Looking Back at Our Glendale Development and Looking Forward to Our Next Phase at SeaGreen in Greystones

At Wood Group, we pride ourselves on building high-quality and high-spec houses in  the most desirable of locations, and our team focuses on working with buyers to turn those houses into the ideal home to suit their needs. We have already completed several phases of development at SeaGreen in Greystones, and are excited about the next phase, which we expect to be ready in spring 2018.

Our three-bed Portland, four-bed Bellevue and Wyndham houses, and our five-bed Somerby houses for sale in Greystones, have been designed with energy-efficiency top of mind, combined with superlative features, fittings and design, and they continue our long history of developing beautiful homes.

One such earlier development we are very proud of, and which will give you an idea of the level of style, functionality and high-spec features we will bring to our next phase at Seagreen, is our bespoke and exclusive development of eight four-bed detached houses at Glendale in Delgany, Co Wicklow.


Situated at the Old Nurseries in this beautiful village, these A3-rated five-bedroom houses were built in 2015 and were very quickly snapped up. They stand in a private wooded enclave on one and a half acres, with landscaped green areas throughout, so buyers can enjoy the serenity and peacefulness of the countryside, within minutes of a thriving village that has so much to offer in terms of a great lifestyle for the whole family.

Our goal has always been to build high-quality residential developments in which superb craftsmanship and fine attention to detail is married with inspiring architecture to create prestigious homes of character and personality, and Glendale fits this description perfectly.

We wanted to provide families with the type of home they could really call their own, and worked with them to discover and deliver on the features they felt were most important. We also wanted to ensure the houses were not only functional, but cost-efficient, and kind to the environment, as well as being outstandingly beautiful and stylish, giving enough room for a family to grow in comfort.

As with the houses at SeaGreen, the homes at Glendale have placed an emphasis on sustainability and energy conservation to keep bills for buyers down and the environment clean. These homes include energy-efficient, high-performance double-glazed windows, gas fired central heating, a high-efficiency condensing boiler, low voltage recessed lighting throughout, great insulation, high-pressure pump-fed showers, and a rainwater harvesting system.


Just as we do at our SeaGreen development, we worked with NuTech Renewables to develop a solar-powered heating system that keeps energy bills at a minimum while providing all the heat and hot water your growing family needs.

On the design front, the Glendale houses included some great features, including a fully-fitted kitchen with timber painted doors and granite worktops, a double oven range, solar powered remote-controlled Velux windows, panoramic bi-fold patio doors, luxury wardrobes in all bedrooms and beautiful wall tiling.


They also came with a Homebond ten-year guarantee, so buyers could be sure that their houses were secure, built to the highest standards, and would last throughout their lifetimes and beyond.

From the images you can see here and by viewing our gallery, you can see just how beautiful and stylish these houses at Glendale are, and how they provide the perfect comfortable home environment from which our buyers can go out and enjoy all that this spectacular part of our country has to offer.

Glendale_delgany_houses_from_Wood_Group_hint_at_next_phase_of_houses_for_sale_at_SeaGreen_Greystones_2.jpgThe success of the Glendale development has inspired us to even greater heights, and we are confident that, having listened again to the requests and feedback from our buyers, we can build more superlative houses for our next phase of development at SeaGreen.

These homes will include the same high level of energy-efficiency and style, the same dedication to providing all you need to live in comfort in beautiful surroundings, and perhaps even more.

If you would like to register your interest in this latest phase of development at SeaGreen in Greystones, you can do so here:

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