The Benefits Of SeaGreen In Greystones For Expats Returning Home To Ireland

Irish people have a long history of emigration, setting up homes in other countries for a variety of reasons, but a considerable number of these people also plan to one day return home. Whether looking to start a family in familiar surroundings and with the support of relatives, to avail of the high quality of education for their children, or simply to give our children the chance to grow up in a safe and fulfilling environment, we more often than not retain a wish to come back to Ireland, and look for the right reason to return, and the right place to call home again.


SeaGreen in Greystones is an ideal reason to make that journey home again. With a beautiful setting beside the Irish sea in Greystones, it’s a perfect location for those commuting to Dublin city centre. Served by Dublin Bus, the DART, Rail and Intercity Buses, not to mention the superb roads system, the journey time from home to office is less than an hour, whichever form of transport you prefer to take.

Situated beside the Dublin/Wicklow mountains and surrounded by beautiful countryside in ‘the garden of Ireland’, the great outdoors is also just a stone’s throw away, offering a number of outdoor activities and leisure pursuits that will give you the enviable life you always wanted to come home for.

The sea is a big draw – we live on an island, after all – and the many water sport clubs in Greystones give a second-to-none chance to get back to a fun and thrilling lifestyle right on your doorstep.

When it comes to the family, you want to have room to grow and live in comfort, and each of the homes at SeaGreen are spacious and beautifully designed for comfortable living, while there are several primary and secondary-level schools offering a top-level education for children.

All in all, this exciting development has so many benefits that will ensure your decision to move home is the right choice for you and your family.

Built to the highest standards for energy efficiency and security, the three-bedroom Portland, four-bedroom Wyndham and Bellevue, and five-bedroom Somerby homes include top of the range and  innovative specifications that offer both luxury and practicality so you can enjoy a spacious and comfortable living space in this beautiful setting.

As Wood Group enable homebuyers to be in direct contact with the builders and contractors working on the site, the houses at SeaGreen can be tailored to an individual’s specifications  to enhance the many features that make these homes so sought-after.

spacious_comfortable_home_design_seagreen_greystones_wood_group.jpgMore and more expats are now returning to Ireland, with recent figures showing that for the first time, more people are returning to our shores than are leaving, so what do you need to know when considering buying a home at SeaGreen?

The price of housing is on the increase in the country, but SeaGreen homes offer tremendous value, while changes in the financing provided by lenders has made it much more affordable to buy a home than it has been in recent years.

These homes also help you to save money. The energy-efficient design with state of the art heating includes thermostatically controlled radiators heated by an A-rated natural gas boiler, with continuous hot water provided by a high-efficiency heat pump. Solar panels provide electricity and the triple-insulated windows and high-tech insulation keep the houses at the perfect temperature all-year round, keeping your bills very low while also helping you to keep the Irish environment green.

If a home at SeaGreen sounds good to you as a returning expat, there are some things to note, the first of which being that the amount of time spent living abroad can impact on how you source the funds needed. Another thing to note is that many Irish banks and lenders do require mortgage applicants to hold Irish citizenship.

If living abroad for some time you may need to supply bank statements and records and a foreign credit history to be considered for a mortgage in Ireland. You might also need to be assessed in your career prospects in Ireland, as even though you may have made a good living abroad, you might also have to show how that will translate to the Irish jobs market.

The introduction of the mandatory 20% deposit applies to expat buyers too, with some banks requiring even more than this, ranging up to 30% or even 40% of the value of the home.

However, it is worth considering how currency rates and property prices in the country you have been living in will affect your financial position. The weaker euro against the British pound and US dollar have made it an opportune time for many deciding to return, and now is a great time to consider buying at SeaGreen and enjoy great value.

The development is progressing at a fast rate, as you can see from our latest flyover video, and interest in purchasing a home at SeaGreen is very high, so register your interest below and you can look forward to returning to Ireland to a perfect new home in a perfect location!


Watch Your New House At SeaGreen In Greystones Turn Into Your Home

When you  decide to buy your new house, we know it is difficult to visualise what it will look like and really start planning your future until you see the build actually progress from plans on paper to building site, before it eventually becomes your new home.


Just as we enable homebuyers to work with our dedicated team at the SeaGreen development to tailor their new house just as they would like it to be, we also want to let people see how their home is taking shape, to help turn the hopes and dreams you have for the future into a reality.

Here, we offer a glimpse into the development to show homebuyers and those thinking about owning a home in this  perfect location in Greystones, just how the build is growing, so take a look at your new home’s progress below!

There are many things to consider and many things to look out for in a new build to make sure it is perfect for you. You want it to become more than just a house, but a home for life.

We’ve created a  check list of new house must-haves to ensure your Seagreen home will be the perfect place to live, whether you opt for one of our beautiful three-bedroom  Portland homes, our four-bedroom  Bellevue and  Wyndham homes, or our five-bedroom  Somerby homes.

Whichever house type is right for you and your family, you can be sure that each is built to the highest standards, is energy efficient and fitted with the most up to date and  luxurious features, so you can enjoy watching your family grow in comfort and style.